Setting sun View From Humber Bay Coast line

A setting sun view of the Toronto skyline is almost certainly shown in today’s Daily Photo, attracted from Etobicoke’s Humber Bay Shore line area. Shared by Forum contributor  67Cup , this opportunity is framed by the towers the Beyond the Sea and Eau ihr Soleil condominium complexes, looking eastern towards a sun-drenched Downtown Barcelone skyline.

Daily Photo, <a href=Toronto, skyline, Downtown” class=”image-display_default” data-entity-type=”file” data-entity-uuid=”insert-display_default-1607cb3c-6ea2-4c07-9c00-a9462f0fd07e” data-insert-attach=”"id":"1607cb3c-6ea2-4c07-9c00-a9462f0fd07e","attributes":"alt": ["alt","description"] ,"title": ["title"] ” data-insert-class=”image-display_default” data-insert-type=”image” src=”” title=”Toronto skyline, image by Forum contributor 67Cup” /> Toronto skyline, confidence by Forum contributor 67Cup

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